Keep Calm and Wave Goodbye

Today is a new beginning.

At the end of last week, after months of research, discussion, and planning, I finally handed in a de-registration letter to my daughter’s school. We are free!

I can’t claim that I wasn’t a little bit worried: In the past few months there has been more than one meeting to discuss anxiety and a lack of commitment to school work on my daughter’s part, and the news that we were considering elective home education didn’t exactly go down well. It was made clear by the head teacher that in her opinion, “home education would not be a good option for a child like M——“. Quite what was meant by “a child like M——” was not something I chose to pursue, but suffice to say that that, coupled with raised eyebrows when I suggested children should be learning to code, and the head teacher’s claim that the curriculum can’t prepare young people for technical jobs in the future because “we don’t know what those jobs will be”, did nothing to sway me from my decision.

goodbyecardI needn’t have worried. Although I am aware that, for some families, de-registration is a negative experience – perhaps the end result of years of bullying or similar – ours couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

I had one meeting with a very nice teacher who tried her best to convince me to let her teach The Kid next year (Year 6) but once I had made it clear we weren’t going to be swayed, she respected the decision and wished us all the best.

The last three days of term have been lovely, with gifts exchanged and my daughter handing out ‘business cards’ I had made up with her contact details on one side and mine on the other. Yesterday she took sweets in for her class and had her shirt signed like the Year 6 pupils leaving for secondary school. She was given a massive card. I am just so happy that she left on a positive note and that despite all that, she is still completely sure about learning at home. Today we went to pick up a refund for money paid towards a school trip and as we walked across the playground she said “goodbye school! I’m free of you now!” That told me everything I needed to know.

The adventure begins!

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