Field Trips

Lions, and Tigers, and Dinosaurs, Oh My!

Yesterday we took a break from the formal learning and took a trip to Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire.

There wasn’t a drop of rain, the summer and weekend crowds were nowhere to be seen, and the day wasn’t too hot or too cold (although the wasps were out in force!): it was the perfect time of year to visit and TK had a wonderful time watching all the animals.

The park was running their Dinosaurs Alive! Event (although parts of it, such as the paleontological dig, were closed to weekday visitors). I personally wasn’t overly impressed with the dinosaur models but the kids seemed to like them and TK, being quite the dinosaur buff, enjoyed running around and identifying the different kinds.Lionfight

Our favourite things were the seeing the meerkats, penguins, stingrays, and bats; hand feeding the rainbow lorikeets, and the big cats and wolves in the safari itself.

It was a very long day so pictures to follow!!!

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    • I’m glad you are staying inspired! I’m finding the whole thing rather inspiring from the planning point of view. We aren’t at exam stage yet so I’m having fun cherry-picking from the National Curriculum and allowing TK to follow her interests in other areas. I know yours are a little older but I have found the TES Resources site invaluable.

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