My name is Jess, and I live in the South of Hampshire, England with my daughter, my mum, one old cat, and our Cavalier/Toy Poodle Cross, Pippi.

It has long been my intention to set up a blog but when it came to thinking about a subject, or area to focus on, I always found myself drawing a blank. The problem was not that I had nothing to say, but rather that my life was compartmentalised into so many little boxes that I couldn’t decide on just one. I ummed and aahed for months (If I’m honest, it was more like a year… or two) until one area of my life pushed me into action: At the end of the 2014/2015 school year our little family decided to embark on a great adventure and educate my ten year old from home.

Where we live, elective home education is all perfectly legal but there are rules and a degree of monitoring. It suddenly became important to document our lives; especially how we went about educating and the learning we did together. With this in mind, and the end of term looming, I got to work on planning a blog and soon realised that no matter how pure my intentions, I couldn’t just blog about education. Where would I draw the line? Where did education become ‘family life’? Where did ‘family life’ become MY life? I had a head full of all these ideas and interests and I was asking myself to limit my blogging to just one little piece of the puzzle? It made no sense and so I decided that I would embrace (and share) all of it.

My reasoning is this: I’m not just a home educator, nor am I just a mother. I’m not just a single woman or employee, creative dreamer or book lover.

I am all of those things and focusing on one bright little piece won’t give you the whole picture. My guess is that the same applies to you, dear reader, so feel free to take a look around and jump into whichever box fits who you are right now. After all, next time you can be someone else.

Jess x

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